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30 January 2017

Everyday Red Eye Makeup | Morphe Budget Palette

Over the Christmas holidays, I experimented a little bit with my eye makeup and came up with an everyday red eye makeup look featuring a Morphe eyeshadow palette. I was looking for a maroon/red eyeshadow palette for a while, and was lusting after Kylie Jenner's eyeshadow palette, but came across Morphe's eyeshadow palettes instead, which are simply INCREDIBLE!

This makeup look involves few products, but includes a few new additions to my makeup collection, which I'm excited to share with you in this post. I do not claim to be a makeup artist in any way.. as you can tell by my lack of makeup posts in general.. the last makeup-style posts I wrote were last February where I created a minimal makeup and gold eye and red lip look. It is rare I change up my makeup look, but I thought as red eyeshadow is becoming more common nowadays, I'd document the look I've been wearing lately.

I purchased a Morphe palette dupe on Ebay for £15. Normally, Morphe palettes range around the £20 mark on Cult Beauty, however, I couldn't find a palette that suited me exactly. I wanted a palette that contained matte red shades and also shimmery shades for more intense evening looks, something like a cross between the Morphe 350M and 350S palettes. The quality of the dupe shadows are really great, not up to the standard of the Urban Decay shadows, but definitely a slightly higher standard than high street brands. The only disadvantage I found of ordering palettes online is that they are susceptible to damage. My palette was damaged in the post and two eyeshadows fell out, but I received a full refund for the inconvenience caused. 

To apply my eyeshadow, I primarily use the Real Techniques domed shadow brush, tapping off the excess colour with a tissue in-between switching colours. To define my eyes a bit more, I'll us an angled Lorac brush to lightly add a black shade underneath my bottom water line.

After applying Urban Decay's primer potion to ensure the eyeshadow stayed in place all day, I brushed a light coat of the beige shade in the middle of the palette over both of my eyelids.

I found this shade to be the perfect base shade and definitely an eyeshadow I would consider wearing on its own if I wanted to wear minimal makeup to work, for example.

Next, I took the red shade in the middle right of the palette and applied it to my eyelids only, making sure not to drag the colour further out. 

Although it looks red in the palette, it transfers to a more orange shade of red. If you wanted a more intense look, applying two or three layers of the colour would be enough to make sure the colour is really vibrant on your eyelids. As I wanted to tone down the colour for a more everyday look, I only applied one dusting of the shade.

To finish off with the Morphe palette, I took the brown-red shimmery shade in the middle right of the palette and applied this to the outer corner of my eyes, smudging it in to bring all of the colours together.

I also brought this colour down to the outer half of my bottom lid to tie the look together.

I caved in and bought Kat Von D's Tattoo liner on holiday in Spain last year and I've been obsessed with it ever since. Previously, I used the Supercat liner by Soap & Glory and got increasingly frustrated by it's off-black shade, but thankfully the tattoo liner is the blackest liquid liner I've ever tried and leaves a slightly glossy finish (if you're looking for a totally matte liquid liner, I'd thoroughly recommend the Schwing liner by The Balm). The pen is super easy to use and although it is quite expensive compared to drugstore liners, the pen is still going strong and I've been using it almost every day since I purchased it back in July.

To make winger liner a little less daunting, I start by lining my upper lash line, then I'll find the point where I want my liner to end and start to connect this dot to the line at the end of my eyelid. For a guide, I try to make the wing point to the end of my eyebrow.

I don't like to use kohl eyeliner on my water line, I find it is too harsh for an everyday look. Instead, I apply some black eyeshadow underneath my waterline to help define my eyes a bit more. I've used this poor Maybelline The Nudes palette to death over the past year. It's the perfect neutral eyeshadow palette for travelling and everyday use. It has a really pigmented black shade, which I think should be fundamental in every eyeshadow palette nowadays.

I used the Lorac angled shadow brush to pat on the black shade underneath my water line. I find this is a lot less harsh than using a black kohl pencil on my waterline, but still helps to add more definition to my eyes.

To finish off the makeup look, I curled my lashes and applied mascara. I'm an advocate for Maybelline mascaras and after being a repeated buyer of their lash sensational mascara, I found I love The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara equally as much. I find the consistency of the Push Up Drama mascara is thicker, so only one coat is required for a dramatic lash look compared to the lash sensational.

My lashes are naturally super straight, so after curling them with a hairdryer-heated eyelash curler, I hold the curl in place by using a waterproof mascara. I apply my usual Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara to my bottom lashes as it makes the makeup removing process a lot easier at the end of the day only having to remove waterproof mascara from just my top eyelashes. 

Here is the finished look. I tend to pair red eyes with a neutral lip shade to minimise any potential colour clashes. I've been loving wearing this makeup look during the winter, definitely something different compared to my usual smoky browns and neutrals.

What makeup looks are you interested to try? Would you ever wear any bright and daring colours on your eyes?


Thanks for your comment and for sharing your thoughts - I read and appreciate every single one of them x

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