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31 May 2015

Road Tripping with Age UK

I passed my driving test almost two years ago but as I live in the centre of Edinburgh, I have everything on my doorstep and a car is not entirely necessary. So, when a road trip offer comes around, I'm always the first to say yes!

Edinburgh is a very busy city with lots of shops and attractions within walking distance, so my family and I tend to opt for a drive outside the city for a change of scenery. Our favourite locations include Dunfermline and North Queensferry, as it involves a beautiful drive across the Forth Road Bridge.

We all know driving can be dangerous, especially on long journeys and in areas which you are not familiar with, so I have teamed up with Joe Blogs and Age UK to share with you some road trip tips and essentials.

My top 3 road trip essentials:

1. Is your car prepared? Make sure you have enough petrol for the trip or find a petrol station en route if you need to top up on your way there. It's also wise to get your car checked out by a mechanic before any long haul road trips for extra safety and security.

2. Make sure you are well rested and prepared for the journey. Familiarise yourself with the route beforehand and print off directions for a passenger to assist you if you get lost. Don't rely on mobile phones as there could be internet access problems in remote areas.

3. Stop regularly for a break and to fill up on petrol/snacks. I used to arrive home knackered after an hour's driving lesson - concentrating for long periods of time is exhausting! Ensure you take a break from driving often or swap with someone else who can drive to break up the journey. Petrol stations on motorways are generally quite expensive for snacks, so it's more cost-effective to pack water and snacks before you head off.

In collaboration with Age UK, they also have created a more in-depth road trip guide and tips that can be read HERE.

Have you been on a road trip recently? Which location is at the top on your road trip wish list?

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