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8 March 2015

Review | USpicy Cosmetic Brush Set

I was kindly sent a 10 piece cosmetic brush set from USpicy* a couple of weeks ago. I had never heard of the brand before, but after doing a bit of research online, they looked very similar to the Real Techniques brushes (which I adore) so I thought I'd give them a shot!

The brushes come in a drawer style gift box. My initial thoughts were that the set would be perfect for a birthday or christmas gift for a friend or loved one. I think the sturdy box is great for storage purposes - most of my makeup brushes are constantly exposed in a brush pot on my desk which probably isn't the most hygienic!

Inside the box contains 10 individually packaged cosmetic brushes, a user manual and a gift card.

As a makeup brush rookie, I found the user manual was extremely helpful when it came to understanding how to use each of the brushes. I only use three basic brushes normally - powder, eyeshadow and foundation brush - so this set really opened my eyes as to different shapes and styles of brushes makeup artists would use on a daily basis.

The brushes have white wooden handles with 'USpicy' printed on them and gold coloured metal at the brush end. My initial reaction was that the brushes were of reasonable quality. Some of the brushes had a letter in the 'USpicy' print slightly worn away and there were a couple of marks on the white wood, but I was impressed with the quality for such a low priced box set.

USpicy have a variety of brushes for sale, ranging from the same 10 piece set in black or a smaller 6 piece set.

Large brushes:

1. Flat brush: application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face

2. Tapered brush: application of liquid of cream foundations onto contours of the face

3. Flat angled brush: blends foundation onto harder to reach areas of the face

4. Angled brush: blush application

5. Round brush: mineral product application

Small brushes:

6. Precision flat brush: concealer application to smaller areas of the face

7. Precision tapered brush: blush/highlighter application

8. Precision flat angled brush: concealer application around harder to reach areas of the face, such as eyes and nose

9. Precision angled brush: application of product around nose and hollows of the cheeks

The brushes, overall, are very soft and have no hair fall out at all, which I find most desirable in a set of makeup brushes. The brushes did smell a bit like paint brushes when I first received them, but with a quick wash, they dried quickly and were immediately suitable for use.

I wish I could make use of all of the brushes, but as my makeup routine currently stands, I would only have use for about 3 or 4 brushes at a time. I'll definitely use the rest for special occasions when I use blush and highlight products, but I'm also thinking of substituting some of the smaller brushes for general eyeshadow application too.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with the USpicy brush set. The brushes offer huge variety when it comes to makeup application and retailing at only £12.99 now on Amazon, it's an unquestionable buy. 

The USpicy 10 piece cosmetic brush set is available to buy HERE.

What are your go-to makeup brushes? Have you heard of USpicy or have tried any of their brushes before? 

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