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13 February 2015

Win Your Wedding | Forth One Cash For Kids


A couple of weeks ago, my Dad and his partner, Aileen, spontaneously entered a competition called 'Win Your Wedding'. Annually, my local radio station (Forth One) pay out over £20,000 towards a competition winner's dream wedding. It is a very exciting ordeal - over 300 couples apply for the competition and are then shortlisted to a final 6. There is a twist to the competition though... in order to win, each couple has 12 days to raise as much money as they can for 'Cash for Kids'. Cash for Kids is an Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife based charity who raise money to help children who are disadvantaged through poverty, are sick, or disabled.

To our surprise, my Dad and his partner have been shortlisted and now the clock is ticking towards the deadline - we have 12 days to raise as much money as we can! 

Dad and Aileen have a lot of exciting things planned for the next 12 days including lots of charity can shakes at popular shopping venues around the city and my Dad has booked a full body wax and head shave in order to raise money for the charity (ouch)!

It's all for a great cause and they need all the help they can get. If you could spare anything at all, it would be appreciated immensely!

For more information about the 'Cash For Kids' charity, click HERE.

To visit Dad and Aileen's profile on the Forth One website, click HERE.

To support Dad and Aileen and to DONATE to CASH FOR KIDS, please click HERE.

Thank you so much!

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