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29 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas | Beauty Edition

I hope you all had a great Christmas, or a great day on the 25th if you don't celebrate Christmas. My Christmas was nice and relaxing which involved lots of Christmas movie watching and stuffing my face with fantastic festive treats.
I wasn't planning on doing a 'What I got for Christmas' blog post, but I thought I would show you a few beauty pieces I received in case you were interested, as most of the items can be found at reduced prices in the post-Christmas sales now!

Some products have been gifted to me as re-purchases since I was running out. I haven't tried all of the completely new products, so if you've tried any let me know of your thoughts!

I've always wanted a makeup organiser to display on my desk, so I was really pleased when I received one for Christmas. It's actually labelled as a jewellery organiser from BHS, but I'll be using it to store my everyday makeup items. My plan is to store a few makeup brushes in the small compartments, foundation/powder in the bigger compartments then mascaras and any other eye products in the drawer. I don't use too many makeup products on a daily basis, so the organiser is a perfect compact size to store all of my essentials in.

I had been searching for a larger makeup bag to transport all my makeup products in, so I was really pleased to see Zoella had released makeup bags/pencil cases of a large size. I'm a huge fan of Zoe's and the design of her makeup bags are incredibly cute and appear well made and sturdy.  

I received a 50ml bottle of Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume for my 18th birthday last year and I ended up using it every day for a whole year I loved it so much. My favourite perfume is Giorgio Armani Code, but I restrict myself to only using it for special occasions as it is very expensive. 'Wonderstruck' is a fantastic perfume for every day use without breaking the bank!

I'm a huge fan of Dove products. I received a gift set of two 'go fresh' body washes, a deodorant and a loufa. I'm excited to use these as I regard Dove as a great all-rounded brand. I've only ever been familiar with their bath products but, more recently, I've discovered their hair products are fantastic too.

I also received Lynx Attract products - a body wash, deodorant and loufa. Lots of my friends use this deodorant and their products for men smell amazing, so I'm really excited to start using these products.

I'm obsessed with some makeup products in the Soap & Glory range and I've been desperate to try their skincare products ever since. I'm used to using Simple face wash which costs only a couple of pounds, so it's a great treat to incorporate high quality skincare products into my regime. I've used the face wash and 'Scrub your nose in it' facial scrub so far and I love them both. They both make my skin feel really refreshed and fully cleansed without my skin feeling stripped of its natural oils. I'm yet to try the 'No Clogs Allowed' self-heating detox mask.

I purchased a large John Frieda 'Full Repair' salon bottle a couple of months ago and I loved it, so Mum treated me to more of his products in different varieties. I received products from the 'Luxurious Volume', 'Full Repair' and 'Brilliant Brunette' range. I've only tried the 'Full Repair' product and I've been using it for months, so I'm looking forward to trying the other products.

Last, but not least, I received Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara. I've been wishing for this product for so long now as I've heard amazing reviews about it from other bloggers and YouTubers, but I couldn't ever bear to spend almost £20 on a mascara. It's an understatement to say I'm excited to try this. After curling my eyelashes, I'm used to applying waterproof mascara to stop my curl from dropping. This product isn't waterproof, but I've read in reviews that it's quite hard to remove so I'm hoping it acts like a waterproof mascara and holds my curl too. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I'd love to hear of any new beauty products you received for Christmas, or of any products that are on your wish list.

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