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3 October 2014

My 19th Birthday

On the 30th of September I turned 19 years of age. I didn't have any plans for my birthday, neither did I have any idea of what I wished to receive from my parents. There's a part of birthdays that make them less significant as you get older. Long gone are the days of receiving largely wrapped presents consisting of plastic doll houses or toy cars. Presents nowadays consist of small gadgets, each worth hundreds of pounds to stay in tune with the trends of our generation. 

The meaning of birthdays really got to me this year. Of course, it's an incredible feeling to give your friend or a family member a gift for their birthday, and to receive one. But I thought this year, as I didn't regard 19 as a significant age, I would make memories to remember my birthday instead of receiving gifts from family members. 

In the evening my sister, Mum and I headed to a place called Queensferry in Edinburgh for dinner. After a lovely meal, we drove to the coast line, stopped the car and observed the beautiful view of both the Forth Road and Rail bridges as well as the new Queensferry crossing bridge that's currently being built. 

After a couple of photographs by the bridges, we then headed home and watched 'The Aviator' movie together. I had a lovely evening with my family and I know it will be an occasion I will remember for many years to follow. 

I am very grateful for the gifts I received for my birthday. My Dad bought me a set of chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments to get rid of my acne scarring, which I am incredibly grateful for as I've struggled with my self-confidence as a result of having acne scars for so long now. 

My boyfriend also surprised me with a weekend away to the Lake District. As we both love to travel and discover new places, it was the perfect gift and I'm excited to re-live and share the memories of the Lake District from when I was younger with him. 

I think the significance of birthdays is to make the most of the life you have as every birthday marks another year of existence - life is very short after all. So if you have a birthday coming up, or are wondering how to treat a friend/family member/significant other, think about what they would appreciate as they celebrate another year of life. For me, memories make my birthdays memorable and that little bit more special than receiving expensive gifts. Gadgets and gifts don't always last forever, but memories last a lifetime.

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