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8 December 2013

Clubbing With Danny Jones!

Last night, Danny Jones was DJing at a club in Edinburgh, so of course I had to go along and see the legend himself. Little did I know, I would actually meet him!

Danny Jones is 1/4 of British pop band McFly, who I have been OBSESSED with since I was around 9 or 10 years old. I've seen them live in concert in double figures; I think at the moment the tally is at 15. I've never met any of the band before, so it was an incredible experience to finally meet my favourite member.

My friend and I were at the doorway into the main club room when the one and only Danny Jones was ushered in and out of the room by various security guards- my legs literally turned to jelly and I was in total awe seeing my childhood hero casually stroll past! Being a fangirl, of course, I had to follow him into the VIP area and stand outside like a loony staring into his booth whilst photos were taken of him and his fiancee (who is mind-blowingly beautiful). 

Eager to get a shot myself, I asked the club staff outside the room if we could go in to see Danny; and his management had requested for no visits while he got everything sorted for his set, which was fair enough.
Then, before my eyes, he came out of the room and was accompanied by a security guard. As expected, I followed him, then realised he was going to the men's toilet, so made an awkward stroll back outside the room- eager to meet him!

He then returned, and I shouted Danny, he acknowledged me and said he'd be back in a second. I don't really know any other better way to meet your idol by him returning with his arms open and greeting us with, 'GIRLS!!' and a cheeky grin. I passed both my friend's iPhone and my camera to a guy close by and the first flash captured us. My lips were trembling so much when the photo was being taken; you can probably tell in the photo of us by my squint smile, I was pretty ecstatic. 

My friend's iPhone shot
He then went to greet other girls- at this point a substantial amount of girls had crowded round. However, a photo hadn't been taken on my camera yet, Danny realised this and came back to change his pose and take another photo! I asked him when he was DJing, which he replied in a strong old English accent "ehh... in about 10 minutes!". He then left to meet the others, which I shouted at him "thanks so much!". He turned his head around his shoulder, smiled and said "that's alright!". 

My camera shot
Which then resulted in fangirl-ish screams and hugs with my friend.

I really wish I had spoken to him more, and told him about how much I loved McFly and was excited about McBusted; but I understand there was loads of other girls there and he wanted to get round them all. I'm just delighted I've met 1/4 of McFly and hope to meet the rest of them one day, too.

Are you excited about the supergroup McBusted? Have you met anyone famous?

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