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22 June 2012

Outfits Of The Week & Packing | Paris Music Tour 2012!

Bonjour Bloggers! I'm off to Paris Sunday the 24th of June till Friday the 29th of June with my school's music department. I play viola and I'm part of the many great music ensembles at my school including: The Double Bass Trio, Ukulele Group, Choir, Fiddlers, Rock Group and Big Band- just to name a few. We get everyone (around 90 students and 10 teachers) in the music department together every second summer to tour a city for the best part of a week. Two years ago, we were off to the Rhineland in Germany, now it's time for my favourite city in the world, Paris!

So, for this post, I'm going to take you through our plans for the week as well as my planned outfits. These are roughly what I hope to wear in my head but of course, depending on the weather, the outfits could change slightly. I hope this gives you an idea of outfits you could possibly wear if you're on a trip this summer!

Day One: Travelling by Coach to the Ferry Port (Hull) and overnight stay on the ferry to Rotterdam.

Since we'll be lounging around on the coach for the best part of the day, I decided to just throw on something I'd be comfortable in:
  • Light Blue Skinny Jeans - H&M
  • Blue Striped Dress-Shirt - Primark
  • Red Cropped Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
  • Brown Pumps - H&M
Day Two: Arrival at Rotterdam, coach to first concert at Jardin De Luxembourg, arrival at hostel in Paris.

My school asked us to wear our concert dress for the full day as there are no changing facilities available at our first venue:
  • Black Tights
  • Black Pumps - New Look (My Mum's)
  • Black School Poloshirt
  • Black Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Day Three: Full day in Disneyland Paris.

I wanted to be comfy in Disneyland as I will most definitely be running round the park like a little girl! The most amazing part of the day; the string group I'm involved in and my school's Big Band auditioned to play in Disneyland and our application was accepted!! So we will be playing at a bandstand in the Disney complex on that day too, so I'll need to take my school concert dress in my rucksack:
  • Flower Pattern Playsuit - Generation 915, New Look
  • Brown Gladiator Sandals - ASDA
Day Four: Visit to Montparnasse Tower, Eiffel Tower, Shopping, Concert in Parc George Brassens and evening ceilidh.

Since I'll be in the touristy areas of Paris during the day, of course you have to look presentable, it's Paris! This is my favourite outfit, I'm a sucker for a collared top and high-waisted shorts. Later in the day I will have to change into my school concert dress:

I'm not entirely sure what dress I'll wear for the ceilidh in the evening. I actually purchased the black and white tshirt dress for the Germany Music tour in 2010 but I've never ever worn it *cringes*. The blue and red ruffled, bird patterned dress is my little sister's but looks incredibly cute paired with tights and heels. I'll just see what I prefer on the night:
Day Five: Departing from Paris en route home to the UK. Visit to Chocolate World in Brugges. Overnight ferry from Rotterdam to Hull.

For the journey home, again, I like to be comfy. So here I'll just wear the oldest sleeveless dress I own and a pair of comfy leggings:
  • Green Patterned Sleeveless Dress - Primark
  • Black Leggings - Primark
  • Brown Gladiator Sandals - ASDA
Day Six: Arrive at Hull and coach journey back home.

For the final outfit, comfort is my main priority. From experience, coaches do get really stuffy so I'm just throwing on a crop top and a pair of old jeans:
  • Purple Crop Top - New Look
  • Blue Skinny Jeans - H&M
  • Brown Pumps - H&M
Because the weather forecast isn't always accurate, I have packed extra outfits just in case the weather is unexpected when I'm in Paris.

  • Blue Patterned Playsuit - Primark
  • Red High-Waisted Shorts - Internacionale
  • Black and White Patterned Dress - H&M
  • Black and White Striped Top - H&M
  • Blue Ruffled T-shirt - Primark
  • Green Skinny Jeans - Primark
  • White Converse
Also, I purchased a bag for my trips out in Paris. I was given a chat from my Mum about my poor choice, apparently pick-pockets are very common in Paris- everywhere in the world actually. After hours of arguing and protesting a bum bag is socially not acceptable to be seen wearing, I purchased this gorgeous rucksack from Primark.

The rucksack has a drawstring under the main flap which will ensure all my belongings are reasonably safe whilst out and about. For only £9, I think this is a fashionable number to carry my things around in when roaming the streets of the most romantic city in the world!

Apologies if some of the clothing items are from older ranges. However, as always, I will try and link all the items that are still available in the shops to where they can be purchased online.

I hope you all enjoy your week, summer has officially begun for me, but I have some exciting blog posts prepared for when I'm back home. If you have any requests, please comment below. :)


  1. Anonymous20.1.14

    where did you buy your rucksack because I want exactly the same one thx

    1. I got it from Primark a few years ago, I don't think they'll have the same one anymore, but they will have similar ones :)



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