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4 June 2020

Lockdown Fashion | Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe very kindly offered to gift me some items to review. Although their website is full of beautiful going out dresses I would have loved to try, I thought since we're still currently in some kind of lockdown in the UK at the moment, I would stick to what I have been living in for the past 3 months... loungewear!

I'm always up for a pair of high waisted joggers to lounge around in, so I picked the 'Grey High Waisted Lightweight Joggers - Kimora' in a size 8. They're super soft and fit perfectly while giving me some room to still feel comfortable. The joggers are currently on sale for £13.99 at the moment.

I paired the joggers with the 'White 'Stay Home' Slogan Print T-Shirt - Giana' in a size S. The T-shirt is really oversized and looking back, I probably should have ordered it in an XS but it'll be perfect for lounging around the house and it might even transition into a loose pyjamas dress in the future! The T-shirt was £7.99 and all of the profits will be donated to the NHS to help support the amazing job all the front-line staff are doing at the moment!

Finally, I opted for the 'Khaki Crop Loungewear Set - Deanna' in a size S/M. I must admit, I wouldn't be too comfortable leaving the house wearing most of my scruffy lounge wear sets at home but this is definitely a game changer! I love how fitted the joggers are especially. I'm not sure I suit the style as much as the influencers on Instagram do but I'm pretty chuffed with it regardless (haha!). This set is currently on sale for £18.99.

What is your go to outfit during lockdown?

(thank you @taddeofederica on IG for the photo editing help!)

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