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19 October 2018

The Truth About Let's Kiss And Makeup

It's been 6 months since I last posted on To be honest, life has just got in the way.  I completed my Master's degree (more on that later) and time away from blogging has made me realise that my interests have diverged completely from when I first started blogging over 8 years ago.

I created in 2012, when I was 16 years old. Before then, I had a blog called 'Breaking the Beauty Rules' and 'Beauty Download' for each running for 1 year. So blogging has been part of my life since I was only 14 years old. I remember going through my first SQA standard grade exam diet where I knew as soon as my final exam was over, I was going to go home to make my blog. The excitement was incredible and I don't think I will ever regret making a little personal space for me to unleash my creativity.

Of course, people change over time, especially transitioning from a teenager to a young adult. I completed high school, a 4 year law degree and have recently completed my Master's degree. To suggest that an individual does not go through a MAJOR life change during this period is an understatement. 

All of my blogs have been focused on beauty and fashion, both in the names of my blogs and their content. As many of you may have noticed, when I lived in Belgium throughout 2015/16, my posts were focused on travel and sharing my experiences from the accommodation I lived in, to the day trips I took around the country. I still receive emails on a weekly basis from prospective students asking more questions about those experiences, alongside thanking me for sharing information they were unable to find elsewhere.

This, to me, is so much more than posting solely about makeup and fashion. Beauty content in general, throughout the influencer industry through blogs and youtube videos, has changed significantly since I first started blogging in 2012. Less and less people are posting content about their makeup looks and it is evident that viewers are more interested in real-life topics, whether that's watching someone's daily life through a vlog or reading about someone's trip abroad. This content shift, alongside me growing up, has led me to re-consider the direction of my blog.

Ideally, I would love to continue to share my experiences, whether that is about my student life over the years, or a 'weekly blog' style post when I have a trip scheduled. I would also love to share my thoughts on topical issues and turn my blog into a platform for debate and a friendly space for discussion. 

Beauty and fashion will always be something I am interested in, but over the years, I feel as though this interest has taken a back seat, not only for me, but for the beauty and fashion community as a whole. I feel as though all of the makeup looks have been exhausted and I have fallen in love and kept many staple products over the years where spending money on makeup and cosmetics for the sole purpose of content creating is simply not justifiable any more.

It is without saying that some beauty/fashion themed posts may creep their way in following my re-brand. My roaccutane story, for example, is one of my most viewed and engaged blog posts, a matter that I would love to follow up on over 5 years later. I am also fortunate enough to collaborate with fashion brands from time to time, where I am eager to continue to support smaller brands and share their products/pieces which I believe are worth sharing with you. 

Please do not expect dramatic changes. This re-branding is simply reflecting my transition in life and by dropping the sole attachment to beauty, I feel as though my platform could open up more blogging opportunities for me to write about, where previously I have felt a bit constrained by the beauty label as a result of Stay tuned within the next week or so for a fresh look!


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