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29 April 2016

Living In Leuven | A Trip to Berlin

On Tuesday the 29th of March, I went to Ostend with a friend from University in Edinburgh. We are the only two exchange students in Leuven from Edinburgh, so after 7 months of living in Leuven, we decided to go for a day trip to another part of Belgium together. Lo and behold, by midnight that evening, we booked a trip to Berlin leaving in only 5 days time!

22 April 2016

Living In Leuven | A Family Weekend In London

It was my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary at the beginning of March and after originally saying I wouldn't be able to attend the party, I decided to surprise them. My Dad was actually born in Essex, so everyone on my Dad's side of the family live there. Unfortunately, as we live in Edinburgh, we only get to see them once or twice a year and being in Belgium has made meeting up even more difficult so I didn't want to turn down the opportunity. 

15 April 2016

Living In Leuven | A Day In Maastricht

On Saturday the 27th of February, a few of my law friends and I decided to go to Maastricht for the day. Generally, we find train journeys from Leuven to other countries to be quite expensive, so we tend to reserve those for organised trips with ESN, for example. After a bit of research, we realised a trip to Maastricht would involve a train to Li├Ęge, then a quick change onto a train to Maastricht for only 10 euros!

8 April 2016

Living In Leuven | A Month of Visitors From Home

During the month of February, I had two visits from friends in Edinburgh. At Edinburgh University, we have an 'innovative learning week', or reading week for the honours students, so no classes run for that period of time. My best friend from school, Chloe, decided to visit for a long weekend whilst classes stopped running. We travelled to London together to see Taylor Swift in 2012 and we actually planned to go on holiday together after we finished school - things didn't work out - so I was excited to finally spend time with her outside of Scotland again.
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