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11 December 2016

Review & FAQ | KU Leuven Waterview Residence

Throughout my time in Leuven, I received a LOT of emails with questions about the residence I was staying in. I thought I would write a blog post on my experience in KU Leuven's Waterview Residence and answer some Frequently Asked Questions along the way, with the aim of helping at least one person out when deciding on where to apply. Fortunately, there are now more details available on the KU Leuven website, however, hopefully I'll be able to answer some questions not touched upon and provide you with my experience from an ex-resident's point of view...

30 November 2016

My Erasmus | A Year In Leuven

I thought I'd conclude my year abroad blog posts by rounding up the year in a series of photos. I moved to Leuven, Belgium in September of 2015 and left at the end of August this year. It was the best year of my life and truly changed my outlook on life for the better. I'm itching to go abroad again, and recent trips away have made me realise my love for travelling and my desperation to pursue postgraduate studies abroad.

28 October 2016

Living In Leuven | A Trip To Barcelona

Two weeks after leaving Valencia at the start of July, I decided to fly back out for the last of my time in the Spanish sun this year. This time, I was flying alone from Brussels Zaventem and meeting my then-boyfriend on the other side in Barcelona. I boarded the lunchtime flight, then hopped on the airport shuttle bus to Plaza de Catalunya.

24 October 2016

Living In Leuven | Girls' Holiday To Valencia

Between the 7th and 12th of July, my two friends and I decided to celebrate our exam results and ultimately our last few Erasmus days together by jetting off to Valencia. We left Leuven and after a few hours of train journeys, arrived at Brussels Charleroi airport and boarded our lunch time flight to Valencia.

29 April 2016

Living In Leuven | A Trip to Berlin

On Tuesday the 29th of March, I went to Ostend with a friend from University in Edinburgh. We are the only two exchange students in Leuven from Edinburgh, so after 7 months of living in Leuven, we decided to go for a day trip to another part of Belgium together. Lo and behold, by midnight that evening, we booked a trip to Berlin leaving in only 5 days time!

22 April 2016

Living In Leuven | A Family Weekend In London

It was my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary at the beginning of March and after originally saying I wouldn't be able to attend the party, I decided to surprise them. My Dad was actually born in Essex, so everyone on my Dad's side of the family live there. Unfortunately, as we live in Edinburgh, we only get to see them once or twice a year and being in Belgium has made meeting up even more difficult so I didn't want to turn down the opportunity. 

15 April 2016

Living In Leuven | A Day In Maastricht

On Saturday the 27th of February, a few of my law friends and I decided to go to Maastricht for the day. Generally, we find train journeys from Leuven to other countries to be quite expensive, so we tend to reserve those for organised trips with ESN, for example. After a bit of research, we realised a trip to Maastricht would involve a train to Li├Ęge, then a quick change onto a train to Maastricht for only 10 euros!

8 April 2016

Living In Leuven | A Month of Visitors From Home

During the month of February, I had two visits from friends in Edinburgh. At Edinburgh University, we have an 'innovative learning week', or reading week for the honours students, so no classes run for that period of time. My best friend from school, Chloe, decided to visit for a long weekend whilst classes stopped running. We travelled to London together to see Taylor Swift in 2012 and we actually planned to go on holiday together after we finished school - things didn't work out - so I was excited to finally spend time with her outside of Scotland again.

28 February 2016

Living In Leuven | Post-Exam Celebrations & Orientation Week

After spending almost 3 weeks indoors studying for my exams, I was desperate to travel beyond Leuven and celebrate the end of exams with my friends. Unfortunately, around this time, some of my friends were leaving to head home permanently so it was the last opportunity we had to hang out together.

20 February 2016

Living In Leuven | Exams & Post Updates

First of all, I have to apologise for the slow start to the 'living in leuven' posts this year. I left Edinburgh on the 10th of January and spent the rest of January studying and taking exams, so I didn't have a lot to document. As exams are over, the second semester had started so things on the blog are kicking off again! I thought I'd go over my exams and mention a slight change to my blogging schedule in this post also.

12 February 2016

Valentines Day | Gold Eye & Red Lip Makeup Look

Following on from my previous makeup post, I thought I'd share with you a makeup look for a more formal date this Valentine's Day. I decided to break the beauty rules a bit and have managed to put together a slightly smokey eye look combined with a red lip look today. If you're not a fan of heavy makeup, of course this look can be worn without the red lip and a nude alternative instead.

Valentines Day | Minimal Makeup Look

As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I thought I'd share with you a makeup look you can wear for two date occasions - a casual date and a more formal evening look. I'll be going through how I would do my makeup for a casual date in this makeup post. If you don't usually wear makeup and are looking for something simple and easy to do or want your makeup to look natural and fresh - this look will be perfect!

27 January 2016

Full Eyebrow Routine | Tinting, Shaping & Filling In

After having my head in law books revising for my exams over the past few weeks, my eyebrows have most definitely been neglected. I used to get my eyebrows shaped professionally, but I've recently discovered I prefer to do them myself. Looking back at my previous eyebrow routine, the beautician really made them too thin and I really didn't like how they were.
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