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18 December 2015

Eyelash Extensions: What to Expect & My Experience

(what to avoid!)
I hate my eyelashes. They aren't very dark and although they are quite long, the length weighs them down and they're pin straight. Not a day goes by where I can leave the house without using eyelash curlers blasted with the hot heat of the hairdryer and lashings of black mascara. I don't mind doing it (I LOVE makeup), I'm happy to sit for an extra 10 minutes to do my eye makeup, but I fancied a change.

So, I booked in to get some eyelash extensions near where I live in Belgium. I'm not going to name and shame the salon, as I do think it was party my fault, but I want to share my experience and also some tips if you're ever interested in investing in a set.

Initially, I was super impressed with the results but after being told they would last for 6 weeks, they soon started to all out after a mere 48 hours. After showering (and taking care to avoid getting my eyes wet), the lashes started to slowly fall out of place and not look as natural as I had originally hoped.


Eyelash extensions should be applied on your eyelashes, not your skin. My eyelashes were applied to the skin on my lash line. When the beautician had finished, I instantly noticed the glue used had turned black when dried, so I was left with false eyelashes with what looked like quite heavy liquid eyeliner application too. Definitely an advantage getting to skip eye liner every day, but not very practical as common bodily functions such as sweating, crying etc. had to be avoided as this wore away the glue and my lashes fell off within a matter of days. 

Expect to pay extra for a decent set of lashes. I paid 35 EUR (approx £25) for my set, but in reality I should have expected to spend between £50-£200. The lashes that were applied looked very cheap, were in clusters of 4 lashes and took only 20 minutes to apply. Think realistically, the more expensive the procedure, the longer the beautician should spend applying good-quality, individual lashes.

The procedure should take anywhere between 1-2 hours. A good beauty salon should aim to apply between 60-100 individual lashes to each eye. Of course, the longer your appointment, the more lashes you should expect to have applied and the better the finished result.

Good eyelash extensions shouldn't damage your natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions fall out naturally, alongside your natural lashes. There should be no damage done to your natural lashes unless you've pulled the eyelash extensions out or if they've been applied incorrectly by the beautician.

Ask questions. Finally, contact your beauty salon and ask questions about the procedure. I did the typical British thing of nodding and accepting what the beautician was doing whilst I was fully aware what I was experiencing was not what I expected after doing my research.


Although eyelash extensions are beautiful, if applied correctly, they do take a lot of maintenance and a couple of lifestyle changes:

Showering and washing your face is challenging. It's not advised to get your eyelash extensions wet, especially during the first 24 hours after application. As I wished to prolong the life of my extensions for as long as possible, I opted to take baths instead of showers and frequently washed my hair over the bath to avoid getting my face wet. I also, regrettably, cleansed my face with just a wipe instead of my usual face wash routine to avoid getting water in and around my eyes.

You'll have to change your sleeping position. I love sleeping on my stomach and side and I definitely had a couple of restless nights getting used to lying on my back when my lashes were first applied. Don't lie with your face in the pillow as the friction can pull your eyelash extensions out and cause tangles in your lashes.

Eyelash extensions require a lot of upkeep. Your natural lash cycle is between 6-8 weeks, so you should expect your extensions to last this period of time. Your eyelashes will not all fall out at once, so the overall look can start to appear a bit sparse between 3-4 weeks, meaning another appointment at the salon for a refill. Of course, this can be time consuming and expensive in the long run, so consider this before committing to a set of eyelash extensions.

I hope this post was helpful, albeit somewhat rambly, I really felt the need to share my experience with you so you can avoid what I did and feel fully satisfied with your eyelash appointment.

In my opinion, eyelash extensions are definitely worth it. They look phenomenal and I always feel so confident with a set on. Just make sure you research the salon prior to booking an appointment to make sure you aren't ripped off and your expectations of beautiful, full lashes are met!

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