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27 October 2015

Living in Leuven: Week 6 | Visiting the Court of Justice & A Weekend In Edinburgh

European Court of Justice, Luxembourg

As excitement levels were high regarding the trip to Amsterdam next week, my friend and I went to Brussels on Monday to search for a Halloween costume. I returned to Leuven empty handed except from a huge 150x90cm Belgian flag I picked up for my room. It's currently placed on the wall beside my bed and I'm extremely pleased with how it looks - I'm planning a post all about my residence here in Leuven, so you'll see that soon!

26 October 2015

Living in Leuven: Week 5 | ESN Events & A Day Trip to Hasselt

I've finally completed all my admin stuff here in Leuven! After sending my learning agreement to and from Edinburgh University to KU Leuven, my courses for the year are now finalised. This semester, I'm taking 24 credits in European Criminal Law, Constitutional Law of the European Union, International and European Human Rights and a criminology course in Terrorism, Corporate and Organised Crime. On top of this, Edinburgh University require for a further course in Advanced Legal Methods to be taken online. The workload isn't as much as students back home are given, but it does mean an extra few hours a week watching the recorded lectures and completing any additional written/practical exercises. I also know the dates, times and places for all of my exams up until the end of June next year - how organised is that?!

21 October 2015

Halloween Fashion | F&F Collection

With Halloween just over a week away, it's time to start planning a costume for the occasion. This year, F&F at Tesco have released an exciting and extremely affordable Halloween clothing range. F&F have Halloween clothing to suit all party desires - from casual party wear to their new signature 'Day of the Dead' costume. So today, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite pieces from their collection to fit any Halloween event this year!

14 October 2015

Living In Leuven: Week 4 | Weekly Food Shop & A Day Trip to Ghent

The start of every week, for me, begins with a lot of errands to run. This week, I had to pop into the bank to sort my card as I didn't set it up properly (I'm blaming the non-English ATM's!). My landlord also sent me an email asking for rent to be paid the next again day, which caused a lot of panic and frantic messages back and forth to my Mum for advice on how to pay for it. Thankfully, one of her friends recommended 'Transferwise', a peer-to-peer overseas money transfer service. After a lot of researching I discovered that (in very basic terms) the company have bank accounts all over the world - if I put money into their UK bank account from my UK account, using the real exchange rate, they will put Euros into my Belgian bank account out of their Belgian account, thus avoiding international transaction fees. Clever, right?

11 October 2015

Living In Leuven: Week 3 | My 20th Birthday & A Visitor

Universiteitsbibliotheek KU Leuven

It's been another jam-packed week here in Leuven. I'm slowly beginning to finalise my course choices now - I have a list of possibilities including EU Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law along with a list of courses I'm staying clear of European Family Law and Discrimination law - too practical based for me!).
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