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8 September 2015

Update | Blog Changes & Year Abroad

Let's Kiss and Makeup has had a makeover!

After years of battling with HTML coding by myself, I finally threw in the towel and decided to invest in some professional assistance. I purchased the Venture template on the pipdig website. I'm really happy with how the template looks on my blog, but I'm still in the process of tweaking certain elements and re-designing my blog banner. In a few months time, hopefully my blog should be exactly how I want it. The process of purchasing a pipdig template was really straight forward and they send out an installation guide along with the template. Normally a blog re-vamp really stresses me out, but with pipdig being easily accessible by email and twitter, the process was a walk in the park.

My blog is now mobile friendly and personally I think the whole layout is a lot more user friendly and I'm extremely pleased with how it's turned out so far - thanks pipdig!

In other news, I passed my August resit exams and I'm all set to head off on my year abroad in Leuven!

As my year abroad status has not been 100% approved until recently, I haven't found permanent accommodation in Leuven yet. I leave Edinburgh on Monday the 14th of September and will stay in a temporary flat in Leuven for the duration of the international students' orientation week. Overall, I'm feeling really excited about moving away. It'll definitely be a shock to the system from living with my parents (having meals/washing/cleaning done for me) to living on my own in a foreign country, but if this doesn't teach me how to properly act as an adult, I'm not sure what will! I'm only slightly nervous about my first week in Leuven where I have to find a permanent flat for the year, complete lots of boring paperwork and attempt to find some friends but I'm sure things will be alright once I'm out there.

Whilst I am studying in Leuven, there will be a few changes made to my blogging schedule. It's difficult to announce a definitive plan at the moment because I'm not sure how busy my timetable will be at University, but I'm planning on keeping a daily diary of what I get up to then sharing this with you on a weekly basis - kind of like daily blogging but in an end of week blog post!

There is now a 'year abroad' category added to my menu bar so all of my travel posts will be easily accessible there. I don't have a beauty/fashion post schedule as of yet, but I'm hoping to write a few of those monthly. In the meantime, expect a weekly year abroad post and some beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts in between!

I'm currently packing and preparing a pre-departure blog post - so keep your eyes peeled for that and I'll be back soon!

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