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29 September 2015

Living In Leuven: Week 2 | Moving In & Classes Begin

On Sunday evening, I narrowed down my accommodation choices to two: a room in Residence Rosa Parks (part of Het Amerikaans College, 100 Naamsestraat) and Waterview Residence (Engels Plein). As I preferred to have a room in Waterview, my aim was to head there first thing on Monday morning to explain my situation to the Residence manager and hopefully secure myself a room that day. If this was not possible, I would contact the manager of Rosa Parks. After a long stressful week of 'kot' hunting, time was of the essence and it's fair to say I was pretty desperate!

25 September 2015

Living In Leuven: Week 1 | 'Kot' Hunting & Orientation Week

I left miserable Edinburgh for an equally miserable Leuven on Monday the 14th of September. The excitement and nerves finally hit me the night before and I barely slept a wink. A minor palava with my carry on suitcase (damn you Ryanair regulations!), a group of men arguing behind me on the flight about a change of seating arrangements AND my airport taxi failing to pick me up at the other end didn't exactly help with the nerves. I called another taxi and waited around for 90 minutes on my own in the middle of Brussels Charleroi airport and finally made my way to my temporary accommodation in Leuven.

11 September 2015

Preparing for a Year Abroad | Packing & Tips

I can't believe I'm leaving the UK on Monday to start my year abroad in Leuven. It's crazy thinking I had my last lecture at Edinburgh Uni back in May - this summer has flown by! I'm relieved the academic year is starting again though, because of my resit exams it has been almost impossible to plan anything over August/September and I'm craving some routine in my life again.

8 September 2015

Update | Blog Changes & Year Abroad

Let's Kiss and Makeup has had a makeover!

After years of battling with HTML coding by myself, I finally threw in the towel and decided to invest in some professional assistance. I purchased the Venture template on the pipdig website. I'm really happy with how the template looks on my blog, but I'm still in the process of tweaking certain elements and re-designing my blog banner. In a few months time, hopefully my blog should be exactly how I want it. The process of purchasing a pipdig template was really straight forward and they send out an installation guide along with the template. Normally a blog re-vamp really stresses me out, but with pipdig being easily accessible by email and twitter, the process was a walk in the park.

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