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28 August 2015

Beauty Haul & First Impressions

I've collected a range of new beauty products since the start of the summer so instead of showing you the products the day of purchase, I thought I'd use them for a couple of months then share them with you to let you know how I've been finding the products so far. This haul is from various trips to both Boots and Superdrug over the past month or two.

24 August 2015

British Summer Clothing Haul | Topshop, New Look & Primark

We haven't had much of a summer here in Scotland this year. The weather has been so terrible that there hasn't been an opportunity to simply wear shorts and a t-shirt outside yet. My 'summer' wardrobe this year has consisted of items I wore in the spring time minus the layering, so over the past couple of months, I acquired a few more summery pieces to show you today.

2 August 2015

Visiting Leuven & Brussels

As you may already be aware, I'm hoping to move to Leuven next month as part of my Erasmus year abroad. My family and I thought it would be good to visit Leuven beforehand so I could familiarise myself with the main parts of the town and find my bearings for when I move in September. Towards the end of July, we did exactly that and spent two days exploring Leuven and a day in the center of Brussels.

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