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1 April 2015

A Day In The Life: Edinburgh University Edition

I thought I'd do something a little bit different for this week's blog post. I like to title the genre of my blog in the beauty/lifestyle category and I've felt like my blog has been dominated by beauty and makeup posts, less of the lifestyle kind. I've also been obsessed with watching a 'day in the life' style vlogs on YouTube. Since I'm not a YouTuber, I thought I'd swap video footage for photographs and show you what I get up to on a typical day at University.

When I have a 9am lecture, my day starts at 6:30am. After about 15 minutes of hitting the snooze button, I manage to get myself out of bed and prepare for the day by doing my makeup, getting dressed and having my breakfast before my bus arrives at 8am.

As it's still stupidly cold outside in Scotland for the start of April, I like to layer my Spring wardrobe. Today, I opted for a striped crop t-shirt (New Look) paired with a green plaid shirt (H&M) and my black Joni Jeans (Topshop). I also threw a grey speckled coat on top.

My favourite winter boots have been my black ankle boots from H&M. They're incredibly comfy and I'm positive they'll last me a couple of winters!

As I was short of time to sit down and eat my breakfast, I opted for a take-away smoothie instead. At the moment I've been loving a combination of milk, black forest fruits, vanilla yoghurt, banana and porridge oats in my 'breakfast smoothie'.

The smoothie does end up looking pretty thick once it's all blended together, but it's delicious and keeps me going for a couple of hours at University. I swap the lids on the bottle and I'm ready to go!

As I live a couple of miles outside the city centre of Edinburgh, I take the bus to and from University every day. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes. 

On a Wednesday, I have scheduled a 9am Succession and Trusts lecture followed by a 11am Criminal & Evidence lecture and a 12pm Commercial Law lecture. As it is the last week of term before exam season starts, a lot of my lectures are revision lectures and some barely last the whole 50 minute duration!

Today, we had an hour gap between our 9am and 11am lecture, so my friends and I decided to go for a hot chocolate in one of the caf├ęs on campus.

After University finished at 1pm, I had to pop by the law school to collect my summative assessment. I think the law school at my University is beautiful (hence why this photo only took one shot!) and I really miss having classes here as part of the building is currently being renovated.

On my way home I decided to pop into the hairdresser to get my fringe trimmed. As you can see above, my full fringe was very out grown and I didn't really know what to do with it. I had it cut back into a full fringe which I'm now considering growing out again...typical!

I got home at 4pm and started doing a bit of homework. After dinner, I usually have a shower and get into my pyjamas, then do a couple hours of studying (alongside some Netflix watching) before bed time!

I hope you enjoyed this style of post - let me know if you would like to see any more in the future/what kind of day you would like me to document next!

If you go to University, what do you study and what is your timetable like?

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