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23 February 2015

A Weekend in Amsterdam!

Last week, my boyfriend and I jetted off on a last minute holiday to Amsterdam as life became a little too hectic and we both deserved a little break away. Taking a well earned holiday from home life is one of the best decisions I've made in a long time!

13 February 2015

Win Your Wedding | Forth One Cash For Kids


A couple of weeks ago, my Dad and his partner, Aileen, spontaneously entered a competition called 'Win Your Wedding'. Annually, my local radio station (Forth One) pay out over £20,000 towards a competition winner's dream wedding. It is a very exciting ordeal - over 300 couples apply for the competition and are then shortlisted to a final 6. There is a twist to the competition though... in order to win, each couple has 12 days to raise as much money as they can for 'Cash for Kids'. Cash for Kids is an Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife based charity who raise money to help children who are disadvantaged through poverty, are sick, or disabled.

11 February 2015

Aqua Spinning | #SHHealthyHabits

At the beginning of the year, I was very kindly offered to take part in an Aqua Spinning class in association with Simply Health as part of their Healthy Habits campaign. I woke up to an email about 'Aqua Spinning' one morning and had to re-read the email a couple of times - cycling underwater?! At first I thought it sounded really cool, but many thoughts popped into my head. How do the bikes sink to the bottom of the pool? Does the workout hurt? To be honest, I'm not much of an exercise enthusiast. I remember visiting the gym once last year and spend most of my spare time either blogging or generally doing everything else that doesn't involve exercise, but if there's one physical activity I do love, it's to swim. 

9 February 2015

Full Coverage Foundation Routine

After battling with acne since my early teens, I've slowly began to realise which products suit my skin type best. Since my skin is oily and acne prone, I've always opted for foundations/BB creams for oily/combination skin. However, I realised one main ingredient found in 'acne-prone' foundations is 'salycylic acid', which my skin has not reacted to well at all in the past!
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