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28 January 2015

The Netflix Tag

After recently activating my 30 day free Netflix trial, I've become obsessed with watching my favourite TV shows and films on Netflix. I noticed Annie, from 'Annie Writes Beauty', created 'The Netflix Tag' this month and I found the questions she made really interesting and fun. I'm actually planning on doing a more genre-specific Netflix post in the near-future, but as I'm still fairly new to Netflix, I thought I'd start off with completing 'The Netflix Tag'.

23 January 2015

How I Curl My Hair

I've started to make more of an effort with my hair recently. When I was 16, I discovered my hair actually looks perfectly fine au naturale without attacking it with heat tools 24/7. Since then, I've barely picked up another heat tool. Now my hair is in better condition, I've slowly started to introduce heat tools into my hair styling regime again and I'm loving it.

8 January 2015

What's In My Bag | Weekend Away Edition

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all well. My Christmas holidays are almost at an end, as I go back to University on Monday. But before that, I'm going away for a final getaway this weekend before my exams start and my hectic University life starts again for another semester.
I'm flying down to Essex this weekend to visit my family, so I thought I would show you what I'm carrying with me in my weekend rucksack. We decided to fly with only hang luggage, so it has definitely been a challenge for me to cut down on what I pack.

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