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31 December 2014

2014 Favourites | Miscellaneous

I really enjoyed writing and taking the photos for my 2014 beauty favourites yesterday, so I thought I would blog another instalment of my 2014 favourites: miscellaneous items.

Items included in my miscellaneous favourites are just random items I've really been enjoying over the duration of this year.

A Short History of the First World War. Since travelling to Belgium in the Summer, I've been fascinated with everything to do with the first world war. I didn't actually know much about the first world war, as I wasn't ever taught it in great depth during high school, but this is definitely a book I've enjoyed reading this year. The book is very easy to understand for someone who isn't fully knowledgeable about the history of the war but manages to cover the basics in a couple of hundred pages. Continuing with the history theme, my Mum gifted me a book on World War Two, which I'm really excited to read soon.

Girl Online. I pre-ordered Zoe's book when it was announced in the Summer and I was incredibly excited to read it when it was delivered in December. I was completely hooked from the very first chapter and managed to finish it in three evenings. It's definitely a typical teen-romance novel, which I loved as it brought back memories of when I borrowed teen-romance novels from the library when I was in high school. I'm a sucker for a romance novel and this book exceeded all my expectations- I loved it!

The Wolf of Wall Street. I knew I had to read the book the second I finished watching the film when it was out in cinemas. Books involving corruption, crime and the government really captivate me and I really enjoyed reading the Wolf Of Wall Street. I wish I discovered the book before watching the film, as I think it ruins the book when that happens. Nonetheless, it was a great read.

Academic Diary. This has been an essential for me this year. All of my lectures and tutorials at University are in different locations and at different times and I finally realised putting reminders on my phone for classes wasn't the most practical method, so I definitely relied on this planner to organise my week and keep a note of any deadlines. I think I picked this one up for a couple of pounds in Ryman's Stationary. It's not the best looking planner, but it definitely did the job and was compact enough to fit in my bag. Definitely an essential for students!

Beyond Two Souls. I loved 'Heavy Rain', which is another game made by 'Quantic Dream', so I was desperate to get my hands on Beyond Two Souls. The game play is very similar to Heavy Rain, you control your character's decisions, which means there are different endings to the game. The graphics are amazing - it was like I was controlling Jodie (main character, played by Ellen Page) and her decisions in a movie. I'd say this is the perfect game for people who are maybe new to video games, or prefer simple controls and enjoy the experience of playing a story-mode game as I definitely believe this is my all-time favourite video game.

Yankee Candle Snow In Love. This is my favourite candle in the colder months. It smells amazing and pure without smelling too Christmassy. I find a lot of Christmas candles are quite sweet or have a cinnamon scent, which I'm not too keen on. This candle is a fresh scent and I'll be using it again throughout the Winter months of 2015.

TRXYE sweatshirt. I purchased this in the Summer as a post-exam treat and I'm in love with it. I find most YouTuber/celebrity merchandise isn't wearable as it isn't really my style, but I'm really impressed with the design of Troye's merchandise and the sweatshirt is of great quality. I remember layering this on top of vest tops in the Summer evenings and, more recently, I've been layering it underneath my winter jacket. I think it's a great clothing item all year round and I'll definitely be buying more of Troye's merchandise in the future.

New Look Winter Boots. I've alternated between wearing these boots and my black ankle boots this Winter. I love the faux fur detailing around the ankle and they're very comfortable to walk in despite having quite a chunky heel.

Urbanears Headphones. At the start of the year, I was hunting for a pair of headphones to replace my broken Wesc's. I saw Alfie (PointlessBlog) had mentioned buying Urbanears for when he was filming gaming videos, and fortunately HMV had them on offer at the time, so I picked up a set. My old headphones were purple, so I wasn't really keen on wearing them out the house but I've plucked up the courage to wear them outside as my Urbanears are black. I found my Wesc headphones really hurt my ears after I wore them for a while, and thankfully my Urbanears don't hurt much at all. It's only after a couple of hours of constant wear that they'll start to hurt my ears a little bit. 

Let me know of your random favourites this year in the comments below and I'll see you all next year in another blog post!


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