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18 October 2014

Autumn High Street Haul | H&M, Miss Selfridge & New Look

Over the past couple of months, due to working overtime and celebrating my birthday, I've had a bit more money to spend that usual so I treated myself to some new clothes and accessories. This isn't all from one shopping trip - I only ever tend to buy one or two items when I'm normally out shopping. After realising I have a lot of new clothes and accessories I haven't blogged about, I thought I would share what I've accumulated over the past couple of months with you today.


Miss Selfridge

£8 and £12

I became quite fond of these 90's style crop tops after seeing Zoella wear one in a YouTube video. I find the shape of the top is really flattering for all figures, the only disadvantage being I have to pair it with a strapless bra to avoid any bra straps showing. The black crop top on the left is made of slightly different material to the one on the right. The sizing is slightly different in both tops; I bought the plain black top in a size 4 and the floral patterned top in a size 8. 

Both £8

I was in need of some fancier going-out tops, so I managed to pick up some lace crop tops. I bought one in burgundy red and another in forest green - both in a size 8. Miss Selfridge also had other colours in stock, all on offer at the moment. The lace detailing covers half of the back of the top as well as two triangular panels at the front (don't worry- the lace detailing at the front of the top doesn't show off any boobage!)

I don't normally go for bardot style tops, but I've completely fallen in love with this one. It's a simple black and white striped top which hangs slightly off the shoulders. I was surprised at how much this style of top suits my figure and I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more of this style in the future.

I tend to live in jeans, so I thought it was time I invested in some fancier looking trousers. These are simple, textured black trousers which are rolled up slightly at the bottom. When on, the trouser leg ends just at my ankle, which would be perfect in the cooler months paired with some ankle boots. They are extremely comfortable and I definitely want to invest in more of these trousers in different colours/patterns soon.


I purchased another pair of smart trousers from Miss Selfridge, this time in a leather look material. The trousers are really thick and feel well made when worn. I didn't realise these were part of the petite range, so unfortunately they are a little bit short on me, but I've given them to my little sister and she seems to enjoy wearing them.

The last pair of trousers I purchased from Miss Selfridge are black and white checked print with the ends slightly rolled up. The material is really soft which makes them the most comfortable trousers I currently own.



Sticking with the crop top theme, I picked up a floral crop top from H&M for only £7.99. It has long sleeves, so would be great paired with some high waisted trousers in the Autumn months.

I saw this shirt on a mannequin in H&M and I completely fell in love with it. I bought it in a size 8 and although it is still quite over sized, it looks great paired with a simple black dress or jeans and a tshirt. I'm looking forward to layering this piece with tights and scarves in the next few months.

I don't actually own a lot of jumpers in my wardrobe, so I thought I would invest in some for when it gets a little bit cooler outside. The jumper is burgundy red with a pocket at the side. It's made of very thin material, so I would definitely wear it with a t-shirt or vest top underneath. I've been loving wearing this on top of my red checked shirt paired with some grey or black jeans.

I also bought two more jumpers from H&M. Both of these are thicker than the burgundy red jumper, but are the perfect thickness for the transitioning months into Winter. I bought one in a baby pink colour and a polka dot pattern. The jumpers are slightly cropped, so I tend to pair them with trousers or skirts with a higher waistband.


I've purchased H&M jeans for years and they never disappoint. They're extremely comfortable, stretchy and at a very reasonable price. I picked up a pair in a light blue colour. 


I also picked up the same pair of H&M jeans in a grey colour. I've never owned a pair of grey jeans before and I actually prefer them to wearing blue or plain black jeans.



I featured a Céline inspired bag in a 'What's In My Bag' post a while ago and unfortunately the zip completely broke off. As I was in love with the bag I had, I asked for another one for my birthday. I'm pretty sure this one cost around £15-£20 on Amazon/Ebay. As it was a gift, I'm not sure of the exact price/whereabouts of this product (sorry!). Lots of these styles of bags can be found by searching 'Céline bag' on Amazon/Ebay then sorting the results into price order from lowest to highest.

My old Céline inspired bag had a hot pink lining in the inside of the bag, which wasn't my favourite aspect, but I'm really pleased with the lining design of my new bag. The bag is slightly smaller than my old one, but hopefully this means it won't get filled up with as much junk as I previously kept in my old hand bag. I'm planning on doing an updated 'What's In My Bag' post quite soon, so I will definitely go into more detail about the bag in that blog post. 


New Look

My favourite purchase over the past couple of months has definitely been my new heeled boots. I live in either black converse or black heeled boots, so I thought I would mix things up a little and go for a brown boot to add to my collection. The heel isn't too high and they are actually really comfortable to walk in. I love the faux Shearling cuff around the top of the boot, which definitely makes the boots appropriate during the winter time.

Have you been Autumn/Winter shopping recently? Have you got your eye on any clothing items in the shops you're wishing to buy in the future?


  1. I adore those boots! Actually I love everything you purchased - wow what a lovely shopping time you have had lately!! I wish I could say the same - I am saving every penny to book my ticket to Bali!! Eeek! So excited.

    Just followed you on GFC! Keep in touch xx

    1. Thanks Jade! I know, I didn't realise how many new things I've picked up recently until I gathered them all together for this blog post, haha. Oh, that sounds absolutely amazing - have a brilliant time!


  2. Lovely haul. I have always wanted a pair of acid wash jeans from H&M.


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