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30 August 2014

TRXYE sweatshirt | Troye Sivan Merchandise

My TRXYE sweatshirt arrived the other day and I'm absolutely OBSESSED with it. Although slightly pricey at $53.84 (approx £32.46 - this included international shipping), the quality is really nice and the sweatshirt feels really cosy and well made. 

I ordered the sweatshirt on line through on the 11th of August and it arrived just under two weeks later on the 23rd of August. I am a size 8/10 in clothing, so I ordered the jumper in a size 'small' and it is quite baggy on me- but I prefer it that way. 

If you're interested in Troye's merchandise, it is all on and his EP is now available to download on the iTunes store.


  1. Hey :) I was wondering, where you live and what size 8/10 means.. I live in Germany and I am pretty tall and don't know what size to order..
    Thank you in advance! ~ Katrein

    1. Hi Katrein! I live in the UK and our clothing sizes are a little bit different here. A UK size 8/10 is equivalent to a European size 36/38.
      I hope that helps!



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