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26 July 2014

A Week In London

William Shakespeare statue & fountain, Leicester Square

M&M's World, Leicester Square

Leicester Square

Overlooking the River Thames

Paper copy of the Parliamentary Debates after a tour of the Houses of Parliament

Admiralty Arch, The Mall

Beth and I, Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Buckingham Palace

Piccadilly lights, Piccadilly Circus

Shrek wax model, Madame Tussauds

The Beatles wax models, Madame Tussauds

Beth and I, Westminster

Parliament Square, Westminster

A UK Supreme Court courtroom

Guardians of the Galaxy film premiere, Leicester Square

My Mum and I, Westminster Bridge

Overlooking the River Thames

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

13 July 2014

Summer Lookbook 2014

I loved writing my Winter Lookbook series at the start of the year, so I thought I'd carry on the theme and continue with a Summer Lookbook this season. Most clothing pieces featured in this post are from my HUGE summer clothing haul post I wrote last month. I have linked direct website links to where you can purchase most of the clothing items on line. Where items are no longer available this season, I have linked similar items to the ones I am wearing.


* Maxi dress - Forever 21 *
* Sandals - George @ ASDA *


* Crop top - H&M *
* Lace shorts - Danity @ TK Maxx *
* Wedges - New Look *


* Crop top - H&M *
* Denim skirt - New Look *
* Sandals - George @ ASDA *


* Dress - H&M *
* Sandals - George @ ASDA *


* Vest top - Forever 21 *
* Shorts - New Look *
* Shoes - Converse *

9 July 2014

A Day In Aberdeen

I can bet every one of you reading this has thought or said you will do something but never get around to doing it. I am a victim of this. So after discussing our desires to travel the world whilst walking through Waverley train station in Edinburgh last week, Ken and I decided we would not by-pass the remark and booked a train to Aberdeen the next again day. 

It wasn't the most extravagant destination in the world, but with a 2.5 hour train journey away, different accent to understand and the humiliation of not getting the signature Edinburgh 'chippy sauce' with a bag of chips - it felt like we were on a mini getaway.

So, if there's something you've said you would plan on doing in the future, whether it's meeting up with a friend you haven't seen in a while or visiting a city you've always dreamt of going to - do it! It doesn't have to be the most adventurous thing in the world, but I can guarantee it will make you feel better afterwards!
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