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10 June 2014

HUGE Summer Haul | New Look, H&M, Primark & More!

Admittedly, I've done a bit of damage to my bank account over the past month, so I thought I'd show you some of the things I've picked up recently. I'm never normally impressed with most high street store's summer stock, but this year I'm loving most of their items in stores. 

I'm planning on doing a Summer lookbook soon to show you how I'm going to wear some of these items, but as not everything will be featured, here is absolutely everything I've purchased for my 2014 Summer wardrobe!


I've gone a little crop top crazy this summer. I love them as I think they're really versatile and can be dressed up with disco pants or dressed down with high waisted denim shorts during the day. This crop top is an off-white colour with black horizontal stripes.

I fell in love with the zebra pattern on this crop top and couldn't leave the shop without buying it! A little pricey for a crop top, but it does feel really well made and worth paying a little bit extra.

I've been looking for a pair of high waisted denim shorts for ages. I have a strange body shape, my hips are quite wide but I have a tiny waist so it's always difficult to find high waisted clothing items that fit. I think New Look do great denim pieces, not just shorts, and they always seem to fit me with no problems.


I picked up some lightweight, baggy shorts for lazier summer days. The shorts have a drawstring around the waistband and are very comfortable. As the pattern is very loud, I would pair these with a plain black/white vest top.

This rucksack has a main compartment secured with a drawstring, which I don't particularly feel like my stuff is very secure in, however this bag was on offer (previously £20.00) so I couldn't resist picking it up. The main reason I picked this up was because of the daisy print, as I'm hoping this will go with most outfits.



I picked up another crop top similar to the striped one from New Look, however this one has a different pattern and a scooped, rounded neck.


I'm still not 100% sure about this purchase. The straps are slightly too long, but I still love the idea of the stripy top half and denim bottom half. If I return this, I'll definitely try and DIY this outfit with a stripy vest top and a denim skirt.


I'm slightly obsessed with skater dresses. As I am quite slim, I find these dresses give some shape to my body. This dark grey shade I found in H&M is a simple skater dress, but it feels really well made for such a small price! The back of the dress shows off a lot of back flesh, which could be a problem in the bra department, but I'll be sure to figure that out later.


Due to H&M's skater dresses being so cheap, I picked up another one in a royal blue colour.

TK Maxx


I've always wanted a pair of lace shorts. TK Maxx didn't have any of the white pair in my size, so I opted for the cream coloured pair. I'm excited to wear these because they're so comfortable!


I'm absolutely obsessed with this playsuit. On the hanger, the bright colours make the outfit look really daring and totally out of my comfort zone, but it's actually really nice on. I recently wore this on a night out paired with black heels, but I'm looking forward to wearing this during the day with sandals.



I only own plain vest tops, so I thought a fancier patterned top would be a nice alternative. I've worn this recently paired with jeans and also disco pants. Primark had lots of different colours and patterns in the same style of vest top, all priced at £4.00.


I bought another vest top from Primark, but this one hangs a lot lower under the arms, so I will be pairing it with a bandeau underneath. 


I love tribal-coloured patterned dresses. I picked up this loose-fitting 3/4 length sleeved dress, which I'm excited to wear with sandals in the summer as well as black boots and tights in the winter. Primark also had lots of other patterns in the same style of dress with the black band around the bottom.


I'm a little bit nervous to wear this purchase out as I only tend to wear maxi dresses to formal events, but it looked so beautiful on the mannequin I couldn't leave the shop without it! It is a simple black maxi dress with a red rose pattern. It is hard to tell in this photo, but the top of the dress has a twist at the bust area to add something a little bit different.


I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks time, so after a lot of google image searching 'outfits for a wedding', I thought this pattern would be appropriate for such an event. It is a well fitted maxi dress with two slits at the bottom next to each leg. I actually bought this in the petite section and although I am between 5"5 and 5"6, the dress length is perfect and finishes just at my ankle.

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What summer items are you looking forward to wearing during the season?

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