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24 May 2014

What's In My Bag? | #1

What's in my bag blog posts are my favourite type of posts to read, so I thought I'd show you what I carry in my everyday handbag. As mentioned in my previous blog post, I'm obsessed with everything Céline inspired and managed to grab a bag similar to the original Céline Mini Luggage tote bag for a huge fraction of the price on Ebay. I got it as a gift and I believe it was £18.45- an absolute bargain for a 'designer inspired' bag without the logo!

The bag itself is very sturdy and has lasted over year without any signs of wear and tear, despite being used almost every day! There is a main zip into the contents of the bag as well as two zip pockets and  two more open pockets inside for valuables or smaller items.

1. Diary - I'm still trying to transition to writing down events in a diary rather than in my phone's calendar. I use my Uni diary mainly for assignment deadlines, but as Uni has finished for the Summer, I'm using the rest of it up for personal notes/calendar entries.
2. Purse - My purse is from New Look. This was featured in my high street haul post, which can be found HERE.
3. Keys - I have my house keys as well as a London bus and a personalised keyring I received as a gift for my 18th birthday. My Mum also makes me carry her Tesco club card on there in case I'm ever shopping.
4. Umbrella - I live in Scotland and the weather is very bi-polar, so an umbrella is essential.
5. Drink - I usually have a bottle of water in my bag, but today I have a capri-sun.
6. Tissues - Always useful. Recently had to use these to mop up my huge starbucks drink spillage in the University library *cringes*.
7. Hand Santiser - I think this is a cheap £1 bottle from a supermarket. 
8. Dry shampoo - This is a mini 50ml Batiste bottle I use to give my hair a little more body throughout the day.
9. Earphones - I go through a lot of earphones, most of them tend to break in one ear after a while, so I buy cheap JVC Gumy ones on amazon. Essential for travelling! 
10. Phone - I have a Nokia Lumia 625 and love it to pieces (apart from the Windows store at times, grr!).
11. Food - I always have something to snack on in my bag, today it's a cherry flavoured cereal bar.
12. Chewing Gum - I don't really have a favourite type of gum, I just pick up whatever's lying around the house.
13. Hand warmer - I picked up a pair of hand warmers from Boots for £1 in their clearance section a few weeks ago. It's activated by snapping a button inside the sachet and needs to be boiled in a pan of water in order to be re-heated again once it has cooled down. I find these are really handy when it's still a bit chilly outside!
14. Lip balm - My favourite lip balm is Cherry flavoured Carmex.
15+16. Painkillers - I carry ibuprofen and paracetamol just in case I get a headache or someone else isn't feeling well.
17. Lip product - I usually have the lip product I'm wearing that day in my bag. Today, I'm wearing Revlon's Colorburst matte balm in 230 Complex.
18. Concealer - I don't tend to need to touch up my makeup, but I always carry concealer in case I want to cover any blemishes that pop up during the day.

Let me know what you carry in your bag and if you would like to see another what's in my bag post for any other occasion!

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