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5 September 2013

Life On Roaccutane | Month Three Update

I'm on day 101, week 14 of Roaccutane and this is my three month update. I just can't believe summer is all over and done with already!

I had my monthly appointment this morning, and during month three I continued with 50mg a day and I'll be on this strength during month four as well. Thankfully, I didn't get my bloods taken this morning since all the results were fine last month, so it was just a quick consultation with the doctor, the pharmacist and that was it!

As far as side effects for month three; my skin was quite dry as usual, but occasionally at night, I do get quite itchy around areas of my body, which can be a little irritating sometimes but nothing unbearable.

My nose bleeds have stopped! I do put Vaseline in my nose at night to stop them drying out, and thankfully they've stopped my nose bleeds altogether.

I still get really bad back pains, unfortunately, and it's probably my worst side effect on treatment. It does bother me sometimes, for example if I'm sitting down somewhere without my back supported, it hurts a hell of a lot when I stand up again! I asked the Pharmacist about this, and she gave me Ibuleve gel (ibuprofen gel) to put on whenever my back is really hurting. I put it all over my back before bed, because at night is when it hurts most. If it's hurting during the day, I'll take some paracetamol or ibuprofen if I'm not using the gel.

My skin has improved a lot this month! Below are photos of my skin at the start and end of month three, and I can really tell a difference. My skin isn't as inflamed anymore and I don't have as many active breakouts. I still have a lot of scarring but I'm just half way through treatment, so if my skin is looking so much better at this stage, I'm excited to see what it's like in three months time!

                     Left Side: Beginning of month three                        End of month three

                   Right side: Beginning of month three                          End of month three

My skin care routine is the same this month, I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser every morning and night, followed by Aveeno cream as often as possible if I'm not applying any make up. I'll apply Simple's Rich Moisturiser under make up, as I find the Aveeno is a bit too heavy as a make up base. I find Carmex a lot better than Vaseline at moisturising my lips, I find I don't need to apply it as often too. And as mentioned, I'll use Ibuleve Gel for any aches and pains. 

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