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27 August 2013

Battle Of The Brands | Heavy Duty Moisturisers

Moisturising should be a crucial part of your skincare routine, and I know finding the best moisturiser suited to your skin type can be a struggle sometimes. This post is focused towards people with dry/very dry and eczema prone skin, as I suffer from dry skin myself, I've battled three top branded heavy duty moisturisers to help you decide which is the best for you!

From left to right: Aveeno Moisturising Cream, Cetaphil Moisturising Cream and Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream

Aveeno - I purchased the larger tub of Aveeno, this 300ml bottle has a pump dispenser, which is more hygienic and convenient for quick application. One pump is enough for my whole face. The smaller 100ml bottle comes in a flip-top cap lid.
Cetaphil - The bottle comes in a screw off lid and becomes a bit bothersome when running low and I often struggle getting the lid back on when my hands are covered in moisturiser!
Oilatum - The tube comes in a flip-top cap lid, and like Cetaphil, is a bit of a pain trying to get the product out when it's almost finished. I tend to cut the top of the tube off when the product is struggling to squeeze out.


Price (according to
Aveeno - The 300ml is £8.93 and the smaller 100ml, £4.66. Considering the size and amount of applications I can get out of the 300ml bottle, it is definitely worth the price in the long run.
Cetaphil - The 100g tube is £10.09, a little pricey, but a little of the product goes a long way.
Oilatum - The 50ml tube is £7.65, which could be very expensive in the long run!


Aveeno - The cream is quite thick, but expected of a heavier duty moisturiser. It does contain Colloidal Oatmeal which I find you can feel the slightly grainy texture between the product once every so often.

Cetaphil - When squeezed out the tube, the cream retains its tubular shape and has quite a greasy finish and residue, which you can see in the photo below. The cream definitely is very thick in consistency.

Oilatum - This cream is definitely the most water-based than the others, which I like better in moisturisers. It is not as thick, but does prevent the greasy feeling some moisturisers give.



Aveeno - I found the cream absorbed quite quickly, without leaving a greasy residue. I like this property in a moisturiser as I know when to re-apply (if needed) if I feel the product has sunk into my skin.
Cetaphil - I found this took a while to absorb into my skin, it left a horrible greasy residue on my skin which did feel quite uncomfortable. I applied this before I went to sleep once, and in the morning I felt my skin was really oily and couldn't wait to wash it off!
Oilatum - This does absorb quite quickly, and leaves a dewy finish, which is a bonus if my skin if feeling quite dehydrated.


Long lasting Moisture?

Aveeno - My skin always feels really hydrated after this cream is applied. It gives a matte finish and gets rid of any really dry, stubborn areas of skin. Due to quick absorption, I do apply this product more frequently, but my skin still feels and looks very moisturised.
Cetaphil - Unfortunately, the greasy residue puts me off entirely and my skin doesn't feel dewy and hydrated like I would expect a heavy duty moisturiser to do, considering the thick consistency. This does make my face feel very oily when applied, so I tend not to apply it as often as I would.
Oilatum - The cream leaves my skin feeling hydrated and eliminates all the duller, dry looking areas. Due to its dewy finish, I don't have to apply this as often as it keeps my skin moisturised for most of the day.


Good under Makeup?
Aveeno - Unfortunately, makeup doesn't sit well on top of this cream. I feel as though my makeup is clinging to all the dry flaky bits of skin more than it would without this moisturiser underneath. Annoyingly, it just looked like a big, flaky mess!
Cetaphil - Again, commenting on the oily texture of this product, my skin just looked shiny with makeup applied over this moisturiser. My skin felt really greasy and wasn't comfortable at all!
Oilatum - This cream is fabulous under makeup! I know how hard it is to find a makeup base that will co-operate with makeup and help moisturise my skin, but the Oilatum is great for this. A couple of minutes to let the product absorb into the skin and then applying makeup on top was a piece of cake!


OVERALL WINNER - AVEENO with 4/6 categories.

This cream is definitely more convenient with the pump applicator and with an affordable price, it is perfect in the long run. I find it moisturises my skin best, without my face feeling greasy or with an oily residue.

What moisturiser do you use in your skincare routine?

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