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23 July 2013


At our hotel entrance. Top - H&M. Shorts - Internacionale. Sandals - George @ ASDA
Popeye village
Popeye village
Beach/water facilities at Popeye village
View from a boat trip around the Maltese islands
Comino Bay
Crystal Bay. Bikini - George @ ASDA. Sunglasses - Primark

2 July 2013

Life On Roaccutane | Month One Update

I'm currently on day 36 of a 30mg daily dosage of Roaccutane! I've recorded my side effects experienced every week and here are a few photos of my progress.

Week One:

I experienced really bad headaches in the first few days of taking the drug. I'm not really the person to have headaches, so this was a pain. I was working at the time, and the headaches made me feel really unwell. Thankfully I don't have them anymore, but I've read elsewhere on acne blogs they are quite common when first starting treatment.

The biggest side effect I've had from Roaccutane is back pains. I've had them since the first few days and they still continue to bother me! I always feel a little achy lifting heavy things and dread going to bed because it does hurt quite a lot when I first lie down.

As far as my skin in the first week, my whole face felt sun burnt! It was horrible. My skin was in the process of drying up and at this stage I was using my usual moisturisers for oily skin at the time (Nivea Oil Free Day Cream). As soon as the wind hit my face, my skin just started to burn up from the creams that were on my skin. Now I've switched to heavier duty moisturisers, this doesn't happen anymore, thankfully!

Week Two:

I remember one morning, after waking up, my eyes felt extremely sore, dry and tired. I asked the Pharmacist about any drops I could use, and I was given hypromellose eye drops. The problem has calmed down but I try to use this every morning and night to prevent my eyes getting dry, in the meantime.

The morning after prom night, my feet were covered in scratches and bruises from people standing on my feet the night before. I noticed bruising was a common side effect of Roaccutane, so I blamed the horrible bruising on my feet on the drug!

My skin was very, very dry during the second week. I went through a whole 100ml bottle of Aveeno during this week too, actually! Make-up became very hard to apply, as horrible as it sounds, dry flakes of skin covered my face when I rubbed in my BB cream (yuck!). From having oily skin before Roaccutane, this was a total different experience, but I think my skincare routine has helped me keep the dryness under control for now.

My acne was slightly getting worse. I was getting pimples in places I never normally broke out before, like on my chin and my forehead. A lot of my current spots were forming into white heads and clearing on their own. My back was getting pretty bad as well, a lot of new red blemishes were popping up!

Week Three:

During week three, I experienced my very first Roaccutane nosebleed! I still get them today, they're a bit of a nuisance, but they come about once every 3-4 days.

I noticed, in this week particularly, the skin on my body is a lot more sensitive. Even itching parts of my body leaves an angry rash-like red mark for a little while.

At this stage of treatment, my lips were getting really dry. Vaseline every couple of hours seems to help keep the chapping away.

Week Four:

This week, I'm still getting the side effects I usually have; back ache, dry skin, dry lips and the nosebleeds. I'm at an impatient stage with my acne, because it seems to be getting a lot worse than before I was on Roaccutane. More recently, I'm being presented with new breakouts every morning, which is a little disappointing. I just can't wait for the day I can wake up and not have to worry about what's new on my face! I was told it'll probably get worse before it gets better anyway, but I'm just glad I'm on medication that'll hopefully clear my skin in the next couple of months. 

I've been trying so hard not to touch any new breakouts, they're actually very sore to touch, which didn't usually happen with breakouts before Roaccutane. I've noticed a lot of under the skin spots too, on my chin and between my eyebrows, again, not common with my skin before Roaccutane.

Skin Care Routine:

I still use my Cetaphil cleanser every morning and night, as mentioned in my last roaccutane post. I'm also using Cetaphil Moisturising Cream at night before bed and whenever I don't have any make-up on around the house. When I am putting make-up on, I've found Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream a really good base underneath BB Cream, as well as moisturising my skin at the same time. I'm planning on writing a review of all the moisturisers I've used for dry skin, I'll go more in-depth on how I find them in that post soon. I still use my Garnier BB Cream, but I find it lies better on my skin using a sponge to pat the product in, instead of rubbing my skin. I'm using Vaseline to stop my lips from chapping during the day. 

I think the first month on Roaccutane was mainly my body adapting to the drug, more than anything else. I'm going abroad next week on holiday, so I'm interested to find out how my skin reacts in the sunlight. I have a check up with the Dermatologist tomorrow, so I'll let you all know any changes and hopefully there will be progress of my acne clearing next month!
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