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5 January 2013

Christmas Clothing Haul!

Happy new year everyone!

One of my new years resolutions is to definitely try and write more blog posts; so I'm starting the year off with a christmas clothing haul. I am really fussy with receiving clothes as gifts mainly due to my awkward size in various shops, so this christmas, me and my mum went shopping beforehand and she bought the clothes I liked so she was 100% certain they would fit and I would like them. I also went shopping after Christmas with money I received from relatives, so those items will be included in this post too! Enjoy!

New Look

I purchased this lovely, textured, maroon peplum style top from New Look for £7 in the sale. I am fairly slim so I find peplum style tops suit my figure more and create more of a curvier shape.

TK Maxx

This is definitely one of my favourite clothing items at the moment! I found this shirt in TK Maxx for £14.99 and it's very different from your original denim shirt; instead of a hi-lo style, this is lo-hi. The lace detail runs at the top of the front of the shirt, half of the denim sleeves and the back is completely lace. I absolutely love this, it can definitely be dressed up tucked into some disco pants or worn casually over a vest top and some jeans.


I received this for Christmas from a lacoste outlet for £30. It was reduced from £130 so I had to pick it up! This is a collared polo with variations of blue and purple flowers on a white background. There was also a red version in store so I might purchase that one too since I think these will be really versatile in the summer months.


The green and brown tops I am wearing were in the sale for £2 each! They're both slightly cropped and would look great with a pair of high waisted jeans. Please note they are very sheer and I'd recommend a vest top underneith, they are slightly see through as you can see above (oops!). I also purchased some dark wash denim jeans for £11. Primark's ultra soft super skinny jean range is amazing!! It's really difficult for me to find jeans that fit my figure properly, but this range is simply brilliant. They're so comfy and easy to move around in (as well as looking good!).

I love wearing my black skater skirt to school so I purchased a textured forrest green skater skirt to wear at the weekends for £8. It came with a skinny black belt and I also bought a 3 pack of tights for £3. Primark are great for tights, they're definitely the best quality I own and at the cheapest price too.

I also got some winter jumpers. The cream and salmon-pink are thinner and have detailing at the top and sleeves. The baby pink jumper is very thick and cosy for the chillier winter months. I also received a Christmas themed jumper which can be found in my previous blog post HERE. Jumpers in Primark are very reasonably priced and come in at around £10-£18.


Last, but definitely not least, are my beautiful Soul Cal cowboy boots! I've struggled all winter to find a decent pair of boots and I've finally found them! The quality of these are brilliant, they look very well made and have thin fur in the boot to keep my feet warm. I love the knit detailing on the boot too, adding a twist to the original cowboy boot. I purchased these for £40.


  1. The peplum top is gorgeous! <33



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