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16 July 2012

My 10 Favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus!

If you're new to YouTube or simply looking for some fresh youtubers to subscribe to, this is the blog post for you. I've been watching my favourite beauty gurus on youtube for almost a year so my opinions will be thorough on the contents of their videos and will be my own personal view on their representation of the beauty industry. Enjoy!


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Arden has recently broadcasted her passion for thrifting which symbolises how her fashion is so unique. Recently featured in the Seventeen Beauty Smarties Showdown, Arden really revealed her varied make up talents. There has been a lot of clothing hauls recently from her trips all around the world which are very inspiring so you should definitely check Arden out.


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Fleur's videos are always very fun and different from the last. Recently she's uploaded her versions of the tags including: the £20 make up challenge and the blindfolded make up challenge. Fleur is close friends with Ingrid (missglamorazzi) so expect a few beauty videos featuring this great pair of friends.


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Jarmaine's videos, I guarantee you, will brighten up your day. She's very funny and always puts a smile on my face. Her channel has featured a lot of fitness videos recently which are interesting to watch. She has a great sense of style and her hair tutorials are always top notch. Give this girl a watch and let her enthusiasm lead you into subscribing.


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Cassie is involved in a beauty course so her tutorials are always of a very high professional standard. Her how to videos are very interesting and range from hair extension guides to airbrush foundation tips. She always features different make up tutorials and varies her techniques which I find is quite rare in most beauty gurus. It is evident Cassie's videos will continue to increase in already high content quality.


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How a video is edited, for me, is a great seller when deciding on whether to subscribe to a YouTuber and Bethany's videos are beautifully presented. Her videos are very fun and interesting to watch and it seems like she puts a lot of effort into making her videos the best they possibly can be. Bethany features bloopers at the end of her videos which never fail to make me laugh.


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Megan is hands down my all-time favourite beauty guru. Her life is very public on youtube which introduces various videos including: follow me around vlogs, life advice and relationship tips. Megan won this years Seventeen Beauty Smarties Showdown which itself represents how talented this girl in the beauty industry.


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After moving to college, Meghan's videos are still just as great and frequent which I admire. Her experiences launched "Dr Meghan" videos which are always very beneficial and inspiring to watch. Meghan is very funny and is a shopping junkie so if you like hauls then Meghanrosette is definitely the YouTube channel for you!


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Morgan creates simple, easy, step by step beauty videos which are the perfect length to watch on the go. I hate when videos are too long but this girl simplifies her videos perfectly. Her outfits of the week videos always catch my attention and are great to watch if you're stuck on outfit ideas.


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Ingrid is very bubbly and has great tips for girls to enhance their greatest features. She has made fantastic acne and hyperpigmentation videos which are very helpful for people experiencing the same. She uses a vast range of different products so there's always something new she will recommend for you to try out.

Who are your favourite beauty gurus?

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